Sunday, November 24, 2019

Thanksgiving Place Card Holders

I wanted to show you these really cute and easy
Place Card Holders I made this year.  I saw several
versions of them on Pinterest and thought
I would make my own.

We usually don't have a huge Thanksgiving but I still
like to make the full dinner and dress up the table
a bit.

(click pic to enlarge)

I used a cute little Petal Box that I got
from the Silhouette store.  There were several to choose from.  I
used just the box portion from the Lori Whitlock
Santa Petal Box Design ID 70571

Then I used a portion of the Turkey Place Card file
from Dreaming Tree.  (It's FREE right now!)  I took
the front red piece and sliced it in half then enlarged
it for the back 3 feathers so they would
all match the same shape.

I added some googly eyes and made the tags
from another Lori Whitlock Silhouette file Design ID #18635
called 2 Label Shapes.  I used the bottom one and removed
the holes from the inside edge.  I did a print and
cut for our names for the tags.

I LOVE these Place Card Holders.  You can put after dinner mints or
some yummy chocolates in them for your guest.

Thank you all for checking out my project today!
Hope you enjoyed it :)


  1. These are really cute. I made a few of the Dreaming Tree Turkey's already. Thanks for this idea, they are awesome.