Sunday, November 23, 2014

Recent Experience with

I have to put on my bragging hat for a minute and tell 
you all about an amazing experience I recently 
had with a company I had lost ALL faith in.  
Please bear with me…I’m not the best at writing long stories. 
You’ll get the idea.
As you know, I have been a die hard Cricut fan going 
by Cricut Chick on FB since 2010…
I own almost all of the Cricut products and have 
purchased over 300 cartridges.  
Those of you that follow me know I thought Cricut was the BEST! 
At least until they started on a downward spiral with so many 
product issues and pretty much nonexistent 
and rude customer service.  
Once that happened, I was done with them.  
Washed my hands of them and moved on to another machine! 

Well, I decided to give Cricut another chance with the new Explore…
You can imagine how disappointed I was when I opened my box, plugged it in and started to cut.  
The machine had this awful grinding sound. So, I posted a 
video of it to a Cricut group to see if it was just me.  I thought…”typical Cricut”… right???  
WRONG!  I decided to go straight to the Head Honcho and Pmd Ashish Arora the CEO of Cricut.  
I started off by saying, “I don’t expect you to answer me” 
why would he...right?  
WRONG again!  Surprise, Surprise!  Not only did Ashish answer my PM 
within minutes, but proceeded to CALL me on a SUNDAY.  
It didn't stop there.  
He also conferences in the head of the Quality department, Siva Tharmarajah because my issue was so unusual and was a huge concern since they had not heard of this problem before.  
Two Head guys of Cricut spending an hour of their personal time on the phone with me on a Sunday!???  Unheard of!  

They jumped into action and sent numerous emails 
about the problem to
 many others on the Cricut team and also sent 
emails to their factory to get 
to the bottom of this. I also found out that Ashish already saw my video that I posted in one of the groups and had already forwarded the problem on to his dream team to address 
even before I messaged him.  
They had me send my machine to them so they could personally look at it to see what the problem was.  
They FED EXed me a new machine the next day but not before testing it to make sure it was not defective.  All I can say is that they went above and beyond all of my expectations!  I have told numerous people of my experience and all of them were just as amazed that they went to this extent to address my issue!

The worse part about this, but also the best part about this is that it wasn't even a Cricut issue.  
Talk about wanting to crawl into a hole!
It was determined that the issue was my own.  Yes, my own… I was so embarrassed!  Let’s just say…
Always use the cords that come with the new machine.  Do Not use old cords from a previous Cricut. 
Not once did Ashish or his team make me feel bad about this.  We all took something away.

What did I get out of this experience?  I once again trust in and believe in the Cricut product and am convinced the incredible people who are running the show are truly dedicated to listening, helping and bringing us the best product and the best experience possible.
What did Cricut get out of this experience? They got me once again trusting in and believing in the Cricut product and me being convinced the incredible people who are running the show are truly dedicated to listening, helping and bringing us the best product and the best experience possible.
See, we are really in it for the same reasons and its working.  Cricut is finally back to the company and product that we knew and grew to love! And, one by one I think they are going to win us all back J

If you were one of the crafters who gave up on Cricut the way I did when it was bad, consider giving them another chance.  Ashish is an amazing business man and has put together a dream team who all have the same attitude and vision for the direction of the company.  Step aside competitors, Cricut is back! 


  1. Yay! Now if I could only use my old Expressions. I can't afford a new machine. I'll just wait and see what happens :)

    1. Wait! Why can't you use your old Expressions?

  2. What a great review of a great company! I am a faithful Cricut user and keep my Expression busy, I just hope it lasts me a very long time. :)

  3. I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Arora at the Meet and Greet in Chicago last Friday. He talked of their main goal was to win our hearts. He told this exact story (no names were mentioned and he made a point of that). But I was impressed to the lengths they went to get you an Explore that worked. I don't know of any other company that has done that. I've been a Cricut-teer since 2006. I would get a bit disillusioned, try another cutter, but would return to Cricut (did that 3 different times) Even though I 'strayed' I continued to use my Cricut. I guess I thought "the grass was greener" but it wasn't. So glad you came back to Cricut, and continue to enjoy using it. Mr. Arora promises greater things in the next two years! I can't wait!

  4. I used to be a proud Cricut owner also but when they discontinued the Imagine shortly after I bought mine. They remind me of Microsoft who is constantly updating their operating systems and we all have to go out and buy new computers.


    1. I completely understand Sue. That was the way they ran back then. It was hurry up and get the new stuff out but never really tested it or worked out the bugs. Everyone had issues. Machines were being sent out 2 and 3 times just to get one that worked. There was no quality control. It was very frustrating. That's why they lost so many people. There was just too many roll outs that just didn't pan out. Now, everything they put out has been tested and tested and tested again so that most of the common questions can be answered and a strong foundation is set in place to add on with updates. Today there is a new group of people that get it. They can't go back and change what happened in the past but they are moving forward to improve and really create an amazing experience for all of us.

    2. I think if you give them another chance you will not regret it, Sue. We ALL make mistakes. Mr. Aurora and his team are the real deal. No need to upgrade your computer. There will be no need to purchase "another" cricut after the Explore. Look up some of the reviews on YouTube. There are comparison videos. You can play with the software before deciding to buy on your computer. The precision of intricate cuts is unlike any other machine. How do I know this? Because I have all of the other machines.

  5. This is good to hear. I just received a cartridge from that won't work. I hope I get the same customer service to resolve me problem.

    1. Be sure to call them in the morning and they'll get on that right away. They were great with me when I had an issue as well!

    2. Hi Pam. Give CS a call - they are great and will take care of you. I work for Cricut and am responsible for cartridges. I don't hear of problems with cartridges very often. Can you email me and let me know what is happening?

  6. So glad you gave them another chance. I was disappointed with them, but never gave up. I knew they would come back with something better and they did with the new explore. Many of my friends have sold their cricut products going with silhouette, but I was like no way I have invested to much here. I did buy some of their cartridges. I did purchase the silhouette and have had it for 2 years now in my closet and have never opened the box to take it out. Not interested. I love my explore and have plans on keeping it.
    Thank you for the post. I am sure many people are going to enjoy reading your experience and will love it once again. Mine cuts like butter.

  7. YAY I am so glad that your Explore Experience turned into an awesome one.
    I've been a Cricut gal since 2006 when it first came out and since then I do have an Expression, Explore and a Create....and 300 plus cartridges too!!
    I just have always loved Provo Craft and was so sorry to hear that you'd had rude experiences with them as I had never had this happen so I am totally thrilled for you that you are back and are one Happy Cricut Camper.
    YAY!!!! Enjoy your new Explore and am looking forward to your crafty creations with it. What a great piece your wrote Kuddos to you for all your honesty and your kudos to Cricut. YOU so ROCK!!

  8. I am so glad to hear this first hand, I had heard through the grapevine that this is how it was now, but didn't really hear it first hand from someone who had indeed been disappointed in Cricut. I have been wanting the Explore too and one day hope to have one. I too got upset with how things were going and even though I didn't give up my Cricut things (2007 for me), just to much invested to give it all up, I did lose faith in them and wasn't purchasing products. This is great news as I have heard everyone sing the praises to the new Explore machine. I really love how it looks like it works, easy to use and such. So thanks for this update and I'm glad the company went above and beyond, this is what pulls people back in! Hugs, Brenda

  9. I am happy for you, but I have lost all faith in them. I can't afford to go and buy a new machine. You have to pay for programs to use it with your computer and after getting a Silhouette, it cutting SOOO much better than my Cricut, getting GREAT customer service from Silhouette and STILL waiting (3-4 years later) to hear back from Cricut, I'm not ready to change back. I loved my cartridges and my very first Cricut, but got burned out by them really fast when I had issues with my machines.

    It is nice to know that someone responded to you though. My Cricut is just sitting getting dusty. Hard to use a machine that I can only use cartridges on and have to pay a ridiculous price to connect to my computer.

    1. Now you can pay per shape just like the Silhouette Store. You're also able to print then cut every shape available in their store as well. You don't need to pay for any additional
      Software to be able to upload your own svg or jpegs and the precise cutting is just amazing. I too have a Silhouette and I now have an Explore. I'm blown away by how well this machine cuts and can't say enough good things about it. Check out my blog - It's an investment for sure but it definitely takes your creativity to another level!

  10. I'm so glad you had a good experience this time.
    I am a fan of Cricut and have only had good experiences getting any issues taken care of when I called service. {I did not own the Imagine or Gypsy}
    I truly felt for those of you who had issues that where not resolved to your satisfaction.
    The Explore isn't for me personally because I do not want to link my cartridges but I am so glad it is a machine that has made so many people happy Cricut crafters once again.
    Crafty hugs,

  11. Thank you for sharing your experience. I was saving my $$ up for a Cameo Silhouette, because I had totally given up on the Cricut. The software law suit was the last straw for me. However, although I don't have 300 cartridges, I do have about 50 or more and was heartbroken that I would have to maybe sell them. This is the second review I've read about the AMAZING NEW CEO who might just save this company and renew our faith in a product we once loved. I'm still on the fence, but I'm leaning towards purchasing a new Explore. I have until July to decide. I'm hoping to hear more good things about the Explore in that time. Thanks again for sharing your good news!!

    1. There was an outside study recently done in comparing cutting between the two
      Machines. Check out Cricuts website for the article, it'll make your decision for you! Black Friday deal will be $215 and you can see the deal on my site as well as projects I've made. I have both and I highly recommend the Cricut over the Silhouette. The program is easier and you can sync all your cartridges and then never have to worry about them anymore. If you have an iPad you'll be able to design from there too in January!

    2. You can find the independent study here:

  12. I fell in love with the imagine on its debut on hsn. I was happy at first. then tried using it, got frustrated, watched the video again, and still could not operate it with ease as seen on hsn. so it has sat for years, and this year I thought to give it another try. did I mention, I could never reach cricut service at the time. now I am having issues again. I am not sure if it is a blade issue, paper issue, or mat. but the machine is chewing up paper. I have changed the blade, different paper, cadjusted blade pressure. the only thing is I don't have a new mat. I want to love this machine but sheesh

    1. I have an imagine as well as the explore. The imagine is harder to know just what settings to get it to cut well. You may need to clean the blade and try cutting thicker materials. I hope that helps. I am keeping my imagine as a 12x12 printer and using my explore for everything else.

    2. Jo, I hope you'll give Customer Care another chance to help you get your machine working again. The number is 877-7-CRICUT. I will say, however, that the new Cricut Explore is SO much better than the Imagine. With the deals coming out this week, you might want to consider picking up an Explore. I promise you will not be disappointed.

      Nicole Larkin
      Cricut copywriter

  13. Like you a few years ago I swore off Cricut.... I was so frustrated with their lack of customer support, I have purchased every single machine own close to 300 carts, every accessory, supply etc. known to man. And when I started having problems with my Gypsy I could not get support. In addition they kept lying about when things would be fixed, instead of telling the truth and saying "we have no idea"
    Long story short(ish) I received a cease and desist letter from Cricut's legal department! I had sent an email, asking that someone at least respond to my requests for help. Since The email went unanswered I cc'd the email to 3 customer support People. I swear to you there was nothing "bad

  14. Or rude in the email it was simply a strongly worded request for help. I called to ask why I had gotten the letter from the legal department . I was told that one of the cust. Service reps felt "harassed" really? A request that they do their job is harassment ? Anyway, I put my Cricut stuff away, got a silhouette And didn't use my Cricut for a while. Then they cane out with the Explore and I heard there was a new CEO, so I decided to give Cricut another chance.
    Now it seems when I've had any issue they are responsive Friendly and resolve the problem, I just wish they could have NOT upset so many loyal customers. Because the frustration level alone was not worth it.
    Sorry for rambling. And any errors, I'm trying to type on my iPad but I'm not good on long messages...
    Things are looking up, hope it continues.

  15. I, too, have been a loyal Cricut user since 2006. I've owned every machine they have ever come out with and have never had a problem. However, I started getting bored with the limits the Cricut had. I wanted to be able to do my own designs. A few years ago I got the Silhouette and was happy with that, but really wanted to be able to cut the thicker materials Cricut could. The Explore is that machine! I used to use both my Cricut and Silhouette when working on a project. They sat side by side. Now, my Explore sits there alone and I am happy as a clam! Thank you, Cricut!!!

  16. Julie I am so glad you had such a great experience with PC. I also have been a Cricut fan since they first debuted on QVC and own many machines and cartridges. My imagine was such a huge disappointment and just sits there. I bought and E2 and used it about a dozen times (never connected to my computer) when I did try to do that it would not work. Long story short the plug in in the back was broken I contacted PC knowing I was out of warranty to pay to get it fixed or at least buy the part to pay someone else to fix it, I was told there was nothing they could do. I wasn't asking for hand outs I was willing to pay to fix it. So I have another machine that just sits, it will cut just not connected to the computer. I sent a letter to Ashish Arora and have never heard one word back. Even if they weren't going to help at least respond. I love my Cricut things when they work.