Sunday, September 8, 2013

Best Witches

Hi Everyone!

While doing some Pinterest surfing today,
I ran across this really cute project.  They
used a toilet paper roll for the tube to I thought...
why not use a candy tube...?

So, I did...and here it is...
(click on the pic to enlarge)



To see my inspiration, click HERE

I put all the pieces of this project into Make The Cut
so I didn't have to cut them by hand.
I used the 1X6 inch Clear Tubes and the 
Candy Charms Banner Dies from Jaded Blossom.
I stamped the Banner Die with "Best Witches" from
the Best Witches stamp set also from Jaded Blossom.

I tied the Banner Die on with some black tulle 
and finished it off with my Trendy Twine 

I know anyone would just love to get this cute
little Witch's Boot for Halloween so......

I am going to give the file for the boot
to you for free... You'll have to get your
own tubes, twine, tulle and candy :)

As most of you know already, I just
require you to become a follower of my blog,
leave a comment on this post, and email me
at and ask me
for the file.  Remember I will only reply to the
email with the file so make sure you are emailing
me from the address you want it sent to...

Hopefully you all liked my little project today!

Have a GREAT Day!


  1. This is so cute Thank You for sharing with us.

    Kimberly Colson

  2. This is super super cute.thankyou for generous..

  3. hi this is super super cute..thanks for generous

  4. Adorable!! Thank you for the file :)

  5. omg....these are adorable!!! love it!!!

  6. these are adorable chickie !!!! very cute !!! love!

  7. These are so cute!! Love the use of a candy tube :)

  8. Wow another awesome file you have for all of us this is really cute thanks for sharing

  9. Julie, you are so awesome!! I'm glad your files are free, but I keep thinking you should sell them!

  10. I would like a pair of these darn cute....
    Great job....Like the way the toes curl up.
    I love Halloween.... Awesome Boots.

  11. Julie! These are awesome! I have some tubes and these are the perfect gift for my little grands!

  12. These boots remind me of the Broadway show, "Wicked!" Thanks for the files. So cute!

  13. These are absolutely adorable and so fun and festive! They are perfect for quick gifts to! Thanks so much for offering another amazing file!
    Sherrie K

  14. This is AWESOME Julie! Another amazing Halloween treat!
    Thanks for sharing your project and the adorable file!!!

  15. This project is just the cutest. I am now a follower as well. Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Super cute! Found you through facebook group and then had to check out your pinterest and blog and am now a follower, super cute things and thank you for the file..on my way to email you :)

  17. I am a follower and would love your little witches boot. I make these little goodies every year for my trick or treaters (and co-workers)

  18. I am now a follower and would Love to make these for my kiddos. You have so many neat ideas on your blog and I can't wait to keep up with all your new creations.

  19. Can't wait to make these. I can't believe I haven't seen your things before.

  20. what an adorable witches' boot. I've been following you for a few weeks now. Can't wait to receive the file to tuck away for next Halloween

  21. Just came across your blog. You are so talented! I would love the file for the witches boot. Thanks, Tina Wallace