Thursday, July 4, 2013

I need some

Hello everyone!

Some of you may not know that Google Reader has 
stopped working as of July 1st, 2013 :(

That means if you have been following 
me thru Google Reader, you
will no longer be notified when I post...

It's ok though...All you have to do is...

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

It's easy...just click on the link above and 
it will ask you to set up an account...very easy to do..
Then you'll be able to follow my blog and 
even import all of the other blogs you follow from 
Google Reader all at one time...It is so easy to do...

I have some changes that I'll be making to 
my blog real soon and don't want you to miss it!

See you over on Bloglovin!


  1. It still working, I am still getting everyone's updated post and I can even still follow new people. I also got a new follower today with the google one. Hope yours keeps working to.

  2. already getting all your posts...hope you'll reciprocate.
    Creative wishes
    Claire S

  3. I am following you as well in bloglovin please do the same for me my friend