Monday, July 15, 2013

Back to School
Pencil Set
Hello Kitty

Hello Everyone!
I know it's not quite Back to School yet
but I figured why not show you this
cute little Back to School pencil set
that I made with Hello Kitty!

Hope you like it :)
I used some "Clear Skinny Candy Boxes" that I 
got from Annie's Paper Boutique Here
and Jaded Blossom's "Candy Charm and
Banner Dies" Here and got the sentiment
from their "School Day Candies" Here

The pencils were a little short for the box
so I made a little box filler for the bottom to
hold them up..They turned out soooo cute :)

Hope you liked my cute project today!

Leave me a comment and let me know
what you think !

Have a GREAT day!


  1. Adorable...Like always LOL...I pulled my back to school stuff out too =)

  2. Not ready to think of back to school. My granddaughter will be in 3rd grade. Somehow that seems so much bigger then 2nd grade. She is growing up too fast! I will now be doing a project today. thanks for inspiring me. Love it

  3. So adorable! Love Hello Kitty! I'm so glad you're back to posting regularly. I love your projects and they give me much needed inspiration. Thank you! :)

  4. As always,These are so cute...Love that pink ribbon...Great job !!

  5. These are so darn cute and I don't even like Helly Kitty...looks like they are too much fun to make..xxoo Bonnie

  6. Love them they are very cute my friend

  7. Julie, these are adorable. I hope one of them is for me ;)

    Lesley @ Trendy Twine