Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snowman Soup
Blast from the Past!

People have been making Snowman Soup for many years.
I just finally got around to making it last year.
There are tons, and tons of ideas on how
to package your Snowman Soup.

I wanted to show you mine:)

(pics to follow video)

Wasn't that just the cutest!

Here are some pics of the project...

Hope you enjoyed your soup!

Here is the Poem and Recipe...

Snowman Soup!

1 package hot chocolate mix
3 Hershey Kisses
10 mini-marshmallows
1 candy cane

When it's so cold that
you holler and whoop,
it's time to bring out
the Snowman Soup!

Pour the packet in a mug.
Add marshmallows too. 
And throw in these kisses 
that are special just for you.
Now add some hot water 
and use the cane to stir it.
Sip slowly and soon you'll 
feel the warm winter spirit!

So, after I made this last year 
Jaded Blossom came out with one of 
their stamp sets called "Snowman Poop"
Can you believe it, they have a stamp
in that set that has a Snowman Soup poem.
They just made this project 100 times EASIER!
Their poem is a little different but just as cute...
HERE is where you can purchase that set
if you want to make some Snowman Soup!

Thanks for visiting:)


  1. So cute, who wouldn't love it? Lee-Ann :)

  2. I just love the snowman poop its all so cute and your set is just the cutest I love it
    Hugs my friend

  3. Adorable Little treat!
    Have a Fabulous Sunday,

  4. These are so cute!! I might have to borrow this idea - and dumb it down a bit - 50 might take way too long - but these are adorable!! TFS!!

  5. Those are so cute. Love the little snowman.

  6. Oh!! The SNOWMAN Soup, I remember that one
    Love this project...What a special little treat box.
    Nothing like some snowman soup on a cold winter
    day....I think I will go have me some.Great job
    well done.

  7. Thanks for sharing Julie - I like Snowman soup and well, I give the poop to other people! LOL Enjoy your day!