Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wobbling Cherries...

Hi Everyone! 
This is my post for the Action Wobbles Blog...
I'm your Design Team Wobbler today...

I'm so excited to show you my
cute little card I made for our daily
Action Wobbles Blog Post!

Here you go...

I put Action Wobbles on both of the Cherries!
Isn't it cute?

I did a quick little video for you to see them wobble...

So, I hope you liked my card today...
You can see how easy it is to use Action Wobbles
on pretty much anything!  They make all cards and 
even layouts more fun for all!  
You can purchase your Action Wobbles
over at The Scrapbooking Queen's Royal Shoppe HERE

Also... in case you didn't know, the 
will be moving over to the 
Action Wobbles Blog. 
Can't wait for you all to get involved!  

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Be sure to go back tomorrow to see what our next 
Design Team Wobbler has in store for you:)

Have a Great Day!


  1. This card makes me smile..Love the red & white
    background..The cherries are adorable....The green color you made the bows with is really pretty...Love it...and the inside of card is as cute as the outside...Love how the cherries wobble....AWESOME

  2. Whoo Hoo! The video puts the cherry on top. Great job...xxoo Bonnie

  3. Lol that is just so cute

  4. How cute are those cherries???? oh my gosh love love them. You are always so amazing.
    {love love]
    Scrappin Madge

  5. Cute card. love the wobbles very summery.
    DIANA L.

  6. cute card but the sound effects are freakin funny....love it