Monday, May 14, 2012

A Treat For You
Cupcake Oven

Hi everyone...It's time for my
Joy's Life Design Team Post:)

This week we are all supposed to create
something Sticky and Sweet....Mmmmm...Mmmmm!
I don't know about you but I couldn't wait for this...

Take a look at my project...




Close Up

Now that's what I call "Lovin' from the Oven"  LOL!
This sentiment was perfect for this...

It's from one of Joy's newest stamp sets
called "Sweet Popsicle Puns"
You can find this stamp and all of Joy's other
stamp sets HERE!

If you want to make this oh so cute little
Cupcake box, you can get this SVG file 
over at SVG Attic.  It's in the
"Kiss The Cook" collection...

I love the silver Chrome...LOL! 
This box just makes me happy:)

I must come clean about that cupcake in the box...
It's really a cupcake liner filled with whip cream...
I didn't want anyone to think that MY cupcakes
would EVER look this wimpy...HAHAHA!

Hope you enjoyed my project this week!
Don't forget to leave me a comment...
You know how I love reading them:)

Have a SWEET day!


  1. So darn cute....a sweet little oven.ihe door opens too...How cool is that !!!I love this project...The chrome adds a nice touch....Just as cute as can be...Great job on this...

  2. Oh my...this is absolutely FABULOUS. I can see my daughter making a batch of these now!

    Awesome job,
    Carson's Creations

  3. This is so cute. I just love the paper you used. TFS. Have a Great Week.


  4. This is just the cutest little box I've seen! ADORABLE!
    Thanks for sharing it! New follower!

  5. Just went to my oven and NO cupcake. This is sooo real....yum yum....Bonnie

  6. Everything but the kitchen sink! This is so cool, Julie! So many looks like it was difficult to make. Love, the 10-layer dip lady

  7. OMGOODNESS!!! That has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen made with paper!! SUPER CUTE!!

  8. shut the oven door!! that is ADORABLE. love that paper. and the oven top on my gosh! Perfect project!!
    Paula Driver

  9. Cute, adorable, fabulous...none of these words seem to "enough" to describe this! I just love it...the details are just amazing...the eyes on the stove, the controls, the oven door, the CHROME...all soooooo clever and so stinkin' cute!

  10. I love this!!! Its the cutest thing ever..What an idea.. Cant wait to see what you will think of next. Im following....

  11. i love this! what a cute idea. the details on the stove and oven are just fantabulous!

  12. OMG r u kidding me, this is the BOMB!!! You Rock :)

  13. That is just so stinkin' cute! I may have to try this one!!

  14. Hi Julie!I just completed the Party Blog Hop and saw this...I am speechless...OMG!I have never,ever seen something so cute!!!Wow!!This is amamzing.I saw on FB and thought that it was a picture.Oh!Its so much more....TFS..I love it!

  15. that's way to cute. love it. need to see how you made it.