Sunday, November 28, 2010

My New Baby

I think I'm officially CRAZY!

My Black Friday Story

I went to WalMart at midnight to be with all of the other crazy people.  I stood next to the pallet with the new Expressions and the new Cartridges.  When the plastic came off the pallet, I transformed into the Incredible Hulk and muscled my way into the cartridges.  I think I might have even ripped Jolly Holidays from some poor soul's grip. 
Three new carts, in my hands! 

Needless to say, it was a touching moment:) 

I have also had my eye on the Canary Expression since I saw the Black Friday ad So...I turned to the machines and frantically looked for a Canary one.

Not one was anywhere to be found. 

As I stood there in disbelief, I looked down at the last three and can you believe it???...there it was...glowing from the bottom of the pallet. I think it was the only one in the entire shipment. 

I grabbed it faster than I grabbed Jolly Holidays. 

When I returned to my upright position, I looked at my Fiance with such victory only to see him shaking his head "NO".  I guess the fact that I already have two Expressions and an Expression Cake might have been the reason.  Who knows...all I know is that I had to concede about 15 minutes later.
It appears that no amount of explaining was going to
convince him that I NEEDED this 3rd machine. 

As I took that emotional walk to the cash register with my three new carts,
I tried to look at  the bright side. 

At least I got all of the new carts that I wanted RIGHT?

Nahhh...I couldn't concentrate or think of anything else except the Canary Expression and that darn cart that I couldn't have unless I got the Expression.  Sooooo...after many hours of breaking down my Fiance's tolerance, HE finally conceded and Friday afternoon we were off again to WalMart to get my Canary Expression and the Playtime cart. 

"Persistence" I say... wasn't looking good for me...the first WalMart, none left...the second WalMart, none left...FINALLY, the third WalMart and I saw it sitting there.  I grabbed it and held it like the infant I never had. 

After a deep breath and a much needed sigh of relief, I had them...
my New Baby and a Playtime cartridge:) 
I have decided to name her "Sally" 

Isn't she Beautiful?

Sally and four new carts...
Oh yeah...
there is the font one that came with it too.

I love the Yellow Mat.  I don't want to use it.

I'm sure many of you relate to this story and get
some comfort from knowing that you're
not alone in this Crazy Crafting World:)

Thank  you for reading!


  1. LOL..great story! I circled around my WM 3 times and couldn't find the palette with the carts and when I was about to give up, I finally found it but nothing was left but empty boxes with the little green cricut smiling at was very sad! ;(
    thankfully I got home in time to order them online! so happy ending for me but now I have to wait 7-10 days! ugh..

  2. Yellow is my favorite color So I completely understand! I can't buy one right now but one day I will. Sally is really beautiful. Congrats on your new arrival...

  3. AAHHHAHAHA! That is sooo funny. My Fiance said "Why don't you just order it on line? Then we won't have to fight the crazy Cricut people..." The look of shock on my face said it all..."Then I'll have to wait for it!" Not a chance! LOL!

  4. OMG - that is soooo funny!
    Congrats on all the new items you really "needed".
    As for me, I stayed completely away from any shopping except for groceries for over a week now. I am sure I am going to go into shock and total withdrawal shaking any minute!

  5. LOL on your stories so funny!!! I still have the first bug :( I wanted the expressions but my husband says that if they both cut I don't need the big. He still doesn't get that I can't make party favors and boxes with the 6 x 12 mat :( But I am happy (and jealous) about Sally!! Say hi to her for me :) TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  6. aww Sally is beautiful I loved your story and I am the same way, even though I didn't do any shopping this wkend, nor Friday, I am kinda sad and glad, I look at it this way I saved some money, but I missed some great deals, oh well I am happy for you, and keep up with the great shopping stories, love them Debbie

  7. HAHA Oh my goodness you made me laugh soo hard. I tried convincing my husband I needed a new expression too after just getting my 2nd one a month ago. He asked if it didn't anything new. I was quiet for awhile then decided to tell him the truth and say no it was exactly the same. He asked what the difference was. Umm the color. It is soo pretty. after all this :( no I didn't get my pretty expression. But I am glad you got yours.

  8. That is too funny of a story. I don't think I saw the canary one at my Walmart. I am glad you got it. You are a great writer. I enjoyed the way you told the story. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday during the advent blog hop. Also I am your newest follower.

  9. No're not crazy, because if you were then we would ALL be in the loony bin with you :) Funny story and what a nice fiance:)

  10. Look at that Beautiful yellow cricut!!! Good for you! I loved the plum one, but have no money to get a new one. I'll just admire yours! lol! :-)

    Just wanted to let you know I have a blog award waiting for you on my blog :-)

    -Sam :-)

  11. She is beautiful! Great story! Congrats.

  12. Pure entertainment! Congrats on the new toy! I've got expression envy. I can't buy a new color one because I just bought the Imagine. Just give me a couple of months and I'm gonna have a red one!

  13. Our walmart here in RI had many Expressions left over. Even last night they were there , but because I cant get out much and was afraid to miss out on a plum cricut I opted to buy a white on online for $199, When I DID FINALLY did get to Walmart,and saw the plum cricut I wanted to cry. My husband said he would pay shipping to send the white one back. Im undecided , how much could it possibly cost for shipping? I think I'll stay with the white one that has already shipped, and use some purple vinyl and design my own cricut. Have a great day and hope you all can get what you want on Cyber Monday.... Dawn

  14. What an awesome story. I told my DH about your story and he just shook his head. Men just DO NOT understand our addiction...err passion...hobby. I will admit though my DH went to WM 2 Christmas' ago at 3am mind you and bought me the Expressions I wanted. I knew he was buying it yet he wouldn't give it to me until Christmas morning. I was soo irritated. But he never let up or gave in to give it to me. But Christmas morning, there it was in it's beautiful new box just calling my name. Hehe... Glad you got your new one. BTW - I had NO idea there was a plum colored one. Even if I tell DH he probably won't see the reason for buying it. Boo. But I still like my Big Bug I have. Congrats on the finds.

  15. I love your story! :) what a sweet fiance you have! :) I love the yellow and I am not a yellow girl! :) Can't wait to see what you create with your new baby! :)

  16. Funniest story EVER!!!!!!!! Love it! That yellow mat is pretty awesome! I wouldnt use it either!!! :o) XOXO Momo

  17. LOL!!!! Love the story!!! OMG the color is sweet:)

  18. LOL!! She is a beauty! I wanted the purple one but my little red baby is only one year old. :(

    I'm glad that you were able to add Sally to your family! :)

  19. WOW I didn't even know canary was a color you could get! I had seen the aqua, green and plum. This is perty! You go girl with your new canary!

  20. I want a pink one. I have a perfectly good cream colored one but I am obsessed with having a PINK one because I am a PINK kind of girl. I'm so sad that they have colors now. Kind of like my Nook... my kids got me one last year for Christmas and now they have COLOR. Life (and technology) is not fair. {grin}

  21. OMG just read your story and I have to tell you it sure made me giggle and I am still smiling see :-) TFS!!!

  22. What a great story! Aren't we spoiled!! Thank heaven for those that love us! I know that you are enjoying it!!

  23. I got a green one last year on black friday.I am all into green for Irish,But this year I had to talk my hubby into the Imagine,All he said was " you can get it ,but why do need another one,I said you wouldn't understand ! Its sitting under the tree right now,So I loved your story! Joy