Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Girl Box/Baskets

I just love making these! 
I made two of these last night to take to 
a couple of my co-workers that are having
Baby Girls:)

Here are the directions.  Please show me what you make:)

Just wanted to share!

Hope you liked it:)


  1. So cute! Love the giraffe ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Karla Garcia

  2. So super cool - will you be posting the recipe for the project?

  3. Very Cute!! How is the ribbon done? I have seen the recipe on Pink Cricut but not sure how the bow is attached...
    Debbie Chapman

  4. omg these are so cute, can you share your recipe please? thanks Debbie

  5. Love this gift box. It is so precious and creative. Thanks.

  6. Wowww... what a lovely and creative Lil' Basket. Lovin' all the Pink on it. Would look Fabulous for a Baby Shower. Great Work!
    Sweet Creations...

  7. I would love love love to see a video for these!! These would be great for a secret santa gift at work!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  8. very cute!!!!!!!!!maybe you can post the recipe.

  9. I am back again, would you think about doing a video for this, please I would love to see it, Debbie

  10. Thanks Debbie:) For everyone that doesn't know...I will be doing a video this weekend. Thank you for asking for it. I'm really liking the video thing.

    See you all SOON:)

  11. wow! Im glad I found ur blog! love it!

  12. Thanks for sharing....
    have to finish watching your videos.
    I might create one today/tomorrow and share on my blog on Monday, but I will let you know so you can go visit and of course to give you credit!!
    I almost forgot why I stopped by... You won my Black Friday Hop giveaway. Contact me at scrapabookaholic at hotmail dot com

  13. These are just soooo amazing!!!! Someone shared your blog with me (Elsa from Cricut Lover) and I am so glad she did!!! She made this basket for my Tuesday Challenge and I about passed out!!! :o) I cant wait to watch the video and pop these our for christmas!!! Thank you soo much for the tutorial!!! Your awesome! XOXO Momo

  14. These are amazing, Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents with us.

  15. One of my sidelines made this box for a Christmas gift exchange, where the package is the most important part! It was such a hit, that we decided to make them at our next group meeting--no one ever want to NOT know how to do something so cute. Before our meeting, another sideline used it for a gift swap--again a total hit! I'm sure we will all be making these for years to come. Thank you so much for sharing. P.S. I loved the Walmart/Expressions story!

  16. Thank you so much! I love hearing stories like this. I'm so happy to see that so many people were able to benefit from this video:)

    That is the entire reason why I love doing and sharing with others.

    Cricut Chick