Friday, October 1, 2010

My New Design Studio :)

FINALLY!  My New Design Studio...
and my first Giveaway!

I can't believe how fast this room filled up!
I used to have the corner of a room that me and my Fiance shared as our office.
Where did I put everything? 
I can hardly fit it all in here.
Thank you to everyone who shared their storage ideas:)

This is a straight view of my work area from the staircase

This is the same view but slightly angled.
I still have to sort
the paper to fill in the racks. 
I just took clumps of it
and stuck it in the racks in no order

Work area from a different angle. Someone gave me
the idea to put metal up under my shelves
and place small magnets on the bottom of
my Stickles bottles.  So I did and they are hanging 
right where I can see them all and the Stickles glitter is
always up a the tip when you pull it down!  This was a brilliant idea!
(I hope you can see the bottles in this small pic)

All of my punches.  Another great idea from many
of the sites that showed off their craft rooms.

This is the transition into the sewing area.
Full Closet of supplies

Sewing Area

Well...That's about it.  I will show the
whole room later but
I still have some things that are not out of  boxes yet.
I haven't decided where to put this extra stuff. 
I also have this cool white desk (below) 
in the corner under the
back window that will be the new home of my
Imagine when it gets here.

My new Imagine on this desk:)
(Coming soon)

Hope you have enjoyed the pics!

Now for the giveaway... This is my first one
so I hope you like it!
All you have to do is become a follower of my blog and
leave a comment on this post of a great
that you can share with me and everyone that visits this post.

That's it:)

Here's what you'll win!
Since it's October 1st and it's all about
The Pink this month,  you'll win this CGull Pink tool set!
I'll use to pick the winner on
Monday morning the 4th

I can't wait to see and share your ideas!



  1. Wow! I love your room!! I am jealous. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Organization Tip:

    For glitter glue (stickles, glue tiny round magnets on the bottom of the bottles. Underneath your shelf in scrap room, mount a baking pan. Then stick the bottles upside down(make sure covers are on tight!! LOL) for storage. When you go to use them, the glue will always be towards the top!

  3. Great job on the room! Thanks for the chance to win!!
    Debbie Chapman

  4. Wow!!!I am dead jealous!!! This is absolutely gorgeous! I just want to come and sit and stare!
    Well done on such a great job :)

  5. Awesome room. I love the storage idea for the Stickles. I have my buttons and brads stored in a clear sewing box with seperators so I could see what I have and it fits nicely on a shelf with other stuff.

  6. Gorgeous Design Studio!!! I love it!!! As for storage ideas, I have a lot of pink storage and tools in my room, and I look at places like Dollar General for cute pink storage. I have a pink wire napkin holder that holds my 6x6 pads perfectly and cutely. I have also found a pink wire utensil holder that is just like the one Cropper Hopper sells in white to hold pens and tools, I like mine so much better because it is not only pink, but it was just a couple bucks!

  7. I Love it. I'm so jealous, it is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I'm following you but it's under the name Zackmum. Let's see a great storage idea. The one that comes to mind is that I was watching a u stream with Pink Cricut the other night and they had this vinyl bag with holes in it where all their ribbon comes out a different hole it was awesome. not pretty but all the ribbon was kept in this bag and out of each hole hung a different piece of ribbon. they said that they bought it at Walmart. You should check out her U Stream to know what I'm talking about.

    please check out my blog if you get a chance.

  8. I use the CD/DVD holders in the office section of Walmart to store my Cricut overlays/books and cards! They have removable dividers so for the cards I keep them in and can sort them by type. I can always get right to a certain card when I need to shoot one off!

    Thanks for the chance!
    Brandy Yearous
    brc23 @

  9. You LUCKY gal!!!!!! My favorite part of your room??!! That idea for the stickles!!!!! AWESOME!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  10. Holy cow! I'm so jealous.. you have a dream craft room! Love it!! ;)

  11. What a beautiful space. I could easily have a lot of fun relaxing in there. Right now I share a space with my husband and it get's tight. I'm slowly trying to move him out. LOL I'm trying to learn how to be better organized from you all, so keep the information coming.

  12. Love your room and thanks for sharing the great idea for the stickles bottles. I'm on my way to buy magnets.
    I've found a couple great storage ideas. My newest favorite is mounting a shelf under my Cricut table to hold my 12 x 24 paper pads. I also store my buttons in Frappe bottles that sit on a shelf over my work station. All my buttons are within easy reach and easy to see.

  13. So jealous of your organized, clean, and beautiful work space!! You've definately utilized every inch of space, haven't you? :-)

    My best organization/storage tip is to use office-supply "in and out" boxes for currently-working-on projects so they're quick at hand!

  14. Such a beautiful room! I love love love the stickles organizing/storage idea. So smart. I have seen people use a block of wood and drill holes into it to hold them upside down and organized, but having them under a shelf takes up NO room at all! Its like using wasted space, awesome when you have lots of stuff :)

    I think right now my favorite storage idea has been for my cricut cartridges. Using the ribbon snapware box to organize them all. Really works great. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win the cricut tool set - dont have it and would love to own one with pink on it!! :)

  15. Congrats on your new room and getting to fill it up! One of my favorite storage ideas is for clear stamps. I put them all in clear CD cases and label the end. I store all the cases in a wooden CD rack that I purchased from IKEA. It was unfinished wood, so I painted it to match my room colors (pink, black, and white).
    Yay, I'm slowly finding more scrappers in San Diego! Maybe we shouls organize a crop or swarm one of these days!
    Thanks for sharing your room and I can't wait to see all your paper organized!

  16. Wow! You're room looks great! I wish mine was half that organized!!! I don't think I have any super organizational tips... I do like to use those Iris cases from Michaels to keep all of my stuff in!

  17. OMG I love this room, I have to ask where did you get the racks for all your papers, I love them, but never see them anywheres, and I left you the Cherry on Top Award awhile back, I hope you can post here soon, the idea that comes to me is the shoe rack for the punches I have that in pink, but I do save all my smaller ribbons on crafts sticks and place them in fancy jar of some sort, thanks for sharing your room Debbie

  18. LOVE THIS! so much!

    Where did you get the metal paper holders?

    I am building my craft room tonight!!!

    I am using the ELFA storage system to build shelves that will keep all my craft stuff organized!

    Thanks for the chance to enter!


    megcol (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. I love your new studio!! It's I just have to get my stuff organized!!

  20. Beautiful!!! I can't even imagine having to pack all my stuff up and move it.
    I love my 7 drawer organizer for my scraps, which are sorted by color (2 colors per drawer).
    The stickles idea is brilliant!!! Love it!
    I'm sure that creating in this studio is going to be so much fun for you...enjoy your new space! TFS!

  21. Your room is so beautiful! I love how light it is! As far as an idea from me.... I think your room is so much more organized. I use a lot of photo boxes to store ribbons/cuttlebug a2 folders/glitter etc. I love my spinning kitchen carasol for everyday needed items! Thanks for your ideas! And for the chance to win! Jackie.

  22. Congratulations on your new area. I love the stickles holder idea! My husband took two bookcases, took the backs of the first one, nailed them together one in front of the other. The height is perfect for the Cricut on top and all the cartridges and supplies on the shelves below. This way, I have everything in one place ( I have 75 cartridges)

    At first, I thought he was crazy but it worked!
    Enjoy your new space!

  23. I love the way your craft room turned out. It's so clean!! I was running out of space for my ever expanding library of cricut cartridges, so I bought a clip it up organizer. I put the overlays, books and carts in 5x8 bags. At last count I had about 80 carts, and on the two tiers, I have plenty of room for more. Enjoy your new space,

  24. I forgot to mention my storage idea! I use A4 plastic envelopes to store my clear stamps all in a 2 ring binder.

  25. Your room is great! I am jealous! My tip is that I use a pretty box from JoAnn Fabrics that's made to hold cards and store my cuttlebug embossing folders in it. Then I take some of my scraps in different colors and cut them to fit an A2 card and have them ready embossed. That way I can look through my box (which has dividers and labels of which folders they are) and pick one already embossed.

  26. I love everything about your room! Such an organized closet! I wish I had the space! I hope your table will hold the Imagine when you get yours. I was shocked at how big it was...I had to find a different space for my expression very quickly! The Imagine took over!

  27. I love your room, thank you for sharing, given me a great idea with your punches holder, love it xx
    Have fun creating in your new space x


  28. WOW! Great room! My favorite organization piece is my scrap rack! It holds so much and the best way I've found to organize embelli's and my paper.

    Ashley K

  29. Okay now that a craft room... much better than my kitchen table LOL.. now we have no excess not to get together and scrap... I thinking your house...
    The Scrapbooking Queen

  30. GREAT room!!! I am totally jealous!!! I use fishing boxes to store my brads and buttons and such. WAYYY cheaper than "craft" specific container and works just the same.

  31. your room looks great!!! I am hoping to one day have a fantastic room just like this!!!

    Happy Crafting,

  32. WOW I love it! what an amazing space!


  33. love the room. I am working on organizing mine now that I have an extra room. My biggest problem is 12x12 paper . Love the punch idea. Your is so pretty.

  34. Wow very beautiful room... thanks for sharing...


  35. Your new room looks great! I have to share my "creation station" with formal dinners.


  36. I love your scrapbooking room! So jealious! :-)

    Here is my link if you are interesting in having a boo at my work! Just starting out and looking for some new followers!

  37. OMGosh, your craft room is beautiful! I like to use the SU clear stamp cases. I find the cd cases aren't big enough to hold big sets.

  38. OHH my God, I will be in haven in that room my DH would have to dragme out, no seriously it looks awesome

  39. What an amazing craft room you have really worked hard to make it just perfect. I hope you have years of enjoyment in it.

  40. I really like your room, and the idea for the stickles is great, that is one that I am gonna have to try.
    Thanks becky

  41. I love your's great!!! I have my craft room on my blog too. Love how you hung your stickles... I have little hanging baskets from ikea. Stop by sometime and check out my craft space..

  42. So I just started following your blog today and WOW love that room! When my DH is done building mine you NEED to come do mine for me!

  43. I have to know... Where did you get those paper racks? I am looking now and can't really find anything that I like.

  44. I love your scrap room... I'm jealous!! I hope you enjoy it a lot!! TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  45. Who won the Gypsy? Or did I just miss the post.

  46. Sorry Colorjunky...I wasn't giving away a Gypsy. I gave away a tool kit to the lucky winner, Cricut'ing Carol posted on October 4th:)

  47. Great ideas. Love the stickles idea, going to have to try that I think once I get a few more of them. Thanks.

  48. OMG Julie! Your space is amazing! Lots of great tips for storage- thanks so much for sharing!

  49. Great space for crafting. My favorite thing is the over the door shoe storage for Punches, etc. Thanks for all the wonderful tips.

  50. Lucky you! I want that! I follow you