Friday, August 13, 2010

I just heard there are 3 new
seasonal cartridges being released.

Marianne Smith my Buckeye FB Friend
gave me a link to these AWESOME pics. 
Here they are!  I can't wait.  Looks like they will
start shipping about the middle of September. 

 I read somewhere they will be $24.99. 
Don't quote me on this. 
 It's all the information I have gathered
while searching for details.

I will have to own them for sure!

Christmas Cards Cover

Christmas Cards Images

Christmas Village Cover

Christmas Village Images

Thanksgiving Cover

Thanksgiving Images

Hope you enjoy! 


  1. Oh, I love them all!!

    TFS, Cheryl @

  2. Glad that I could be of help for the images. You may want to check out the blog for the link I gave you and see what her deals will be.

    As to the cartridges, I really am finding that the Thanksgiving one is "growing" on me. LOL That is a specialy holiday in my home. Anyway, if you get a chancce I would love to have you stop over and check out my little corner of blogland at

    Sincerely, Your Buckeye friend,